Mexico Set to Become the World’s Largest Legal Cannabis Market

This breaking news from the Wall Street Journal will have investment ramifications not only in Mexico, but also throughout LATAM, with its 42 countries and 600M residents.

MEXICO CITY—Mexico is home to the world’s most powerful drug cartels, who have terrorized the country for years. But the country is poised to try something different in tackling the gangs by legalizing at least one of their products: marijuana.

Mexico is set to become the world’s largest legal cannabis market as its Congress wraps up legislation in the coming weeks to legalize pot throughout the supply chain, from farming to distribution and consumption.

Mexico’s Senate passed a bill in late November legalizing recreational marijuana. Lawmakers in the lower house say they will approve a bill by February, though they want to raise the amount of pot consumers may possess in public beyond the Senate bill’s limit of 28 grams, or about an ounce.

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Pure Jamaican’s Pharma Division Seven10 Nears Start of Exportation of Pharmaceutical Cannabis Ingredients to Mexico With Mexican Senate’s Approval of Cannabis Legislation