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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Soon companies will be running solely on SaaS.

In IT, SaaS companies are projected to generate $287.3 billions in revenue next year. There is a very powerful reason that has special significance for investors – since with over 80% of all enterprise workloads now shifted to the cloud. It won’t be long before companies are running solely on SaaS.

Not all SaaS opportunities are created equal.

SaaS software solutions will have to be scalable, accommodate APIs and be Mobile. Entering the dizzying pace of this IT industry segment requires running hard to stay abreast of industry trends. It also requires having strict guidelines in place for proper vetting to find the right opportunity on the right playing field.

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In IT, SaaS is a $287 billion segment. Experts predict all companies will be running solely on SaaS – find out why at our Blog…