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Get the Highway Edge in BioTech.

Intense interest in HealthTech and WellnessTech.

For the various investment strategies of our clients in BioTech, the segments of HealthTech and WellnessTech are particularly fertile ground. Not only is our staff well versed in the many facets of BioTech, but interest in this field has intensified with the focus today on developments in health and wellness technology.

These are technologies that can combat the spread of deadly, infectious diseases on the one hand, while also controlling the seemingly unchecked rise in healthcare costs, on the other.

COVID-19: Catalyst for new products and services.

The US healthcare industry represents $3.5 trillion annually across a vast network of care and service providers. COVID-19 is the catalyst for products and services that address the changing social and economic landscape, triggering investment opportunities in healthcare with the digitization of legacy medical, health and wellness services, including: testing, treatments, vaccines, laboratory, hospital & public healthtech.

As more sophisticated digitization is prompted by the crisis, companies to watch will be those providing new technologies to meet evolving enterprise and consumer demands. Segments of interest: enterprise productivity, childcare & education, food service & delivery, as well as health & wellness.