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Get the Highway Edge in pharma.

Expect big growth in the pharma market: to $1.5 trillion.

Markets and Research forecasts the worldwide pharmaceutical market to grow to $1.5 trillion next year. Growth will be driven by global demographic and economic trends, including increased demand for more effective wellness programs and medical treatments. The rapidly aging global population. Increased urbanization, higher disposable income, and greater government expenditure on healthcare.

Pandemic and the pharmaceutical industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath opens up new and even more urgent opportunities with dozens of existing and startup pharmaceutical companies involved in testing, treatments and vaccines.

Investment trends: AI, precision medications, cloud technology.

General pharma investment trends to watch in 2020: A rise in the use of AI, particularly in the process of drug development. Precision medications will be tailored to a patient’s diagnosis. Digitalization and the use of cloud technology will continue to become increasingly important as compliance standards and the demand for transparency require more efficient processes and record storage.

Growing widespread acceptance of medical marijuana and CBD.

And, there will be greater acceptance by the profession of medical marijuana and CBD as the pharmaceutical companies recognize the opportunities from the proven results being achieved with pain reduction and mood regulation.