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Debt Fund

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Highway33 Capital Advisory is focused on serving the capital needs of the cannabis and hemp industries. And we see great opportunity in doing so. Projections continue to soar for CBD/Hemp market, surpassing $20 Billion in the U.S. alone by 2025. Retail sales of medical and recreational Cannabis in the U.S. are predicted to top $15 Billion by the end of 2020. Yet, Cannabis capital markets remain constrained.

Highway Canna-Hemp Debt Fund

Our Canna-Hemp Debt Fund will deploy $50 Million into the cannabis and hemp markets, addressing the industry’s unmet need of funding for Real Estate, Equipment, and Working Capital. The Fund’s target return is 9.65% annually to investors. Helping to fil the gap for Cannabis/Hemp funding. And benefit investors at the same time.

Special Purposes Vehicles (SPVs).

  • To deploy our Canna/Hemp Debt Fund, we are seeking funds for deal-specific Special Purposes Vehicles (SPV’s).
  • Each SPV will fund a specific project through debt, backed by the property itself, corporate guarantees from the operating company (if available), and personal guarantees from the principals with a preferred return for the investors.
  • We will service and manage each SPV on behalf of the investors.
  • We have a significant pipeline of real-estate-debt deals that can achieve a 10% annual return with first-lien debt on industrial and retail properties across the US.

Learn more about Canna Debt Fund here.