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MTN: A short-term solution that can give you a long-term edge.

For companies with strong balance sheets and recurring revenue, a Medium-Term Note (MTN) is an alternative to traditional long-term or expensive short-term financing. To accelerate growth or facilitate roll-up M&A strategies.

It’s essentially a bond issuance through investment bankers, funded by private institutional sources. Usually between $20M to $100M+. With specific characteristics to facilitate quick issuance in order to take advantage of temporary market opportunities.

With our network of institutional funding sources for MTNs we can give investors and issuers an edge. We provide an overview of the funding need and the upside for investors. Even assist the issuer with legal, accounting, underwriting, and rating services to prepare the offering.

The key is customizing the MTN with characteristics most advantageous to the issuer. And also appeal to the strategies of investors. MTNs generally result in lower rates than other forms of debt financing.

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