SunPath Announces Breakthrough Technology to Bring Sunlight Indoors With Fiber Optics at Benzinga Capital Conference

SunPath Announces Breakthrough Technology

With the world’s population projected to grow to over 10 billion in just 5 years, Controlled Environment Agriculture holds the promise of addressing the coming unprecedented demand on the food supply through increased crop yield while lowering energy usage and production costs. There’s only one problem, dependence on electric lighting.

“Both sustainable crop production and sustainable energy production are critical technologies to meet the 21st century challenges of population growth and climate change,” said Joseph DiMasi, CEO of SunPath.   “Our daylight delivery platform disruptively solves pain-points for high energy use markets including building lighting, indoor agriculture, and legal cannabis.”

At the Benzinga Capital Conference Virtual Deal Room, DiMasi revealed how the patented SunPath Sunshine Inside™ platform delivers free light directly from the sun without electricity, with no heat load on building HVAC, by skinny and flexible fiber optics cabling that enables routing and delivery directly to the plant.

SunPath’s patented collection and fiber optic technologies have been shown to deliver up to 10x the energy of PV solar panels driving LEDs, a breakthrough that has received millions in funding from the US Department of Energy and angel investors.

It has also been shown that in a recent pilot conducted at a commercial cultivator, the Sunshine Inside Platform™ successfully increased cannabis dried flower yield by 60-100% across several strains.

“The cannabis industry has entered its next stage of maturity, and commoditization is placing pressure on cultivators,” said Joseph DiMasi, CEO of SunPath.  “Our mission is to dramatically improve cannabis manufacturing by piping sunlight directly into the plant canopy so our partners can gain significant increase in yields…and reduce a facility’s operating costs and carbon footprint while gaining a significant competitive edge in any market where our customers grow.”

In the Virtual Deal Room DiMasi provided an in-depth look into the company’s Sunlight as a Service business model, contrasting the limits of the LED lighting and price-performance with the SunPath Sunshine Inside Platform™ and previewed the next generation SunCatcher™ technological innovation.

Sunpath also announced that with help from their investment banking team at Highway33 Capital Advisory, they will be closing out the remaining $1.5M Seed round at a pre-money valuation of $9M. The invested capital will be used rapid prototyping the final production designs, tooling and testing

About SunPath – SunPath is one of two companies founded by Joseph DiMasi  that have received large federal grants for advanced optical technologies.  The companies specialize in the advancement of deploying technologies revolutionizing indoor lighting efficiency with fiberoptic daylighting to support a clean energy future.