Cannabis Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

Medical-grade cannabis. Giving portfolios new life.

Pharmaceutical cannabis is the future of modern cannabis – and in our view it is the key to making smart investments in the category. According to the GMP compliance consultancy Pharm Out in their Industry Growth Predictions for 2020- 2025 the global demand for cannabis, medical and recreational, is increasing consistently at a growth rate of 17% to 23% per annum.

Predicting a healthy future.

While true medical-grade cannabis will be influenced by supply/demand and cost pressures as well as by stringent cultivation, processing and export regulations, it is not unreasonable as some analysts predict for the global medicinal cannabis market to eventually reach $650 billion – making it the third largest worldwide market after oil and arms.


Cannabis contains active ingredients called cannabinoids. The first and second most abundant of these are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the popular cannabidiol (CBD). These are just two, however, of the approximate 144+ cannabinoids that can appear in trace amounts in a marijuana plant.

Cannabinoid APIs. Active Portfolio Ingredients.

Many of these cannabinoids are soon to be making their way as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in pharmaceutical medications for the treatment of chronic pain, glaucoma, epilepsy, and the growing body of research in the treatment of HIV/AIDS, Lupus, and MS…. Read more here (link)

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