Cam Horan

Managing Partner
Brief info

Leadership and leading-edge thinking.
Double edge.

As an M&A advisor, financial consultant, and C-Suite executive, Cam has taken organizations from startups to $175 million companies. In a wide range of fiercely competitive industries including pharma, biotech, retail, outsourcing and healthcare.

Cam has honed his financial acumen over the years. Buying and selling companies. Directing growth ventures. And managing turnarounds. His expertise extends to:

  • Business development
  • Private equity
  • Financing
  • Product development
  • Strategy development & implementation

As CEO, Cam led consulting, outsourcing, and pharma companies, ranging from startups to multi-million-dollar enterprises. He’s built pharma and healthcare companies through roll-ups. Guided biotech companies as both a CEO and CFO. Over the last four years, Cam’s focus has been on capital advisory and M&A for cannabis, CBD/Hemp, and healthcare companies. Successfully closing deals across the value chain, in nine different states. Connecting opportunity to capital where others can’t.